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"I try and make sure I have a session with Spomenka whenever I am in the area.

I love the space she has cultivated, and the dedicated practice and devotion that are the foundation of what she offers.

I feel completely safe in her hands, so I can relax into a deep inner journey that is unique each time.
Some of the time I am conscious, and some of the time I drift into a deep rest. My whole being feels re-tuned by the end of the session.
In her work is science, art and grace.
There's space to be with whatever is there in me, without any judgement or requirement.
It's deeply compassionate and draws on a mature and rich practice.
I recommend this work to anyone and am delighted that this website will enable her to be more widely known."

Iona Fredenburgh Dipl PW, ITEC, UKCP Accred.
Process Work Therapist, trainer and facilitator


Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009

Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009

"Four times a year, for fourteen years, Spomenka's shiatsu has helped to keep me healthy and balanced. I wholeheartedly recommend Spomenka's professional confidential approach and treatment - she is one of the best!"

Noelle Griffiths (artist, art teacher, mother of two)

"On one level, Spomenka offers an exquisite form of massage/bodywork that leaves you refreshed and invigorated. But over time it builds up into a powerful physical, psychological and spiritual healing - well-being with heart!"

Lindsey Colbourn
(sustainable development consultant, government advisor)


"I've been to Spomenka for many years now - and the experience is always wonderful. The surroundings are so beautiful and peaceful - they are healing in themselves. Spomenka has a way of practising her shiatsu that seems to be very original and skilful. She gets into the painful places and somehow eases the knots and tension - so when she finishes I always feel as if I have experienced something both enjoyable and helpful."

Trish Bartley (Mindfulness Teacher)

Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009

Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009

"I started regular shiatsu sessions with Spomenka during a time of burnout with symptoms of insomnia, breathlessness, anxiety and depression. Having her listen and give feedback during this difficult process has been and is very valuable to me.

The bodywork of shiatsu usually relaxes me and puts me in touch with my calm centre. I sometimes become aware of energy blocks, which is also very helpful.

I feel that shiatsu enables release during the session, but then continues to work subtly afterwards - through the layers of my being, strengthening my centre and bringing healing.

I am very grateful to have Spomenka's support during this time of my life."

Christine Eastwood (Music therapist, mother of three)


"I am 65 years old and I have known Spomenka for nearly twenty years and I have been a Shiatsu client of hers over the past few years.
She has solved many of my problems mostly back related.
I find sessions with her not only ease my aches and pains but also calm my inner self and leave me feeling relaxed and at peace.
Spomenka has a wonderful technique in that she is able to seek out trouble spots without prompting and deal with them in a way that I feel puts my whole body in balance and invigorated.
I have recommended Spomenka to many of my friends and relatives.

Simon N. Pendrell (woodworker, builder)


"I first met Spomenka over fifteen years ago in Wales. She was staying at Plas Penhryn and offered to give me a 'shiatsu' massage. I'd never heard of 'shiatsu' before and, well, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. It was a truly amazing experience - something genuinely special. I don't feel able to do the experience justice describing it just with words - it was incredibly invigorating but, at the same time, calming and peaceful.

Afterwards, I just couldn't stop talking about the experience - I was telling everyone. I was feeling that I wanted everyone to experience it too. For me, I feel Spomenka has a special gift - as she seems to impart not just a very skilful massage but also something of herself - something from her heart.

At the time I was working as a classical guitar teacher and started to suffer work related backache. I found Spomenka's shiatsu the most helpful and the most enjoyable treatment for my painful back spasms. Since then, I've tried to visit Spomenka several times each year and I always leave with a real sense of gratitude to Spomenka for providing such a gracious and professional service. I would encourage you to experience a shiatsu massage with Spomenka - it is something I am sure you will not regret!"

Verka Whittaker (Classical guitar teacher, mother of two)


Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009








My whole being
feels re-tuned
by the end
of the session.






...The surroundings
are so beautiful and
- they are
in themselves...









...a powerful
and spiritual









...an exquisite
form of massage/
bodywork that
leaves you
refreshed and













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