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Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009

In my work I aim to create a supportive space in which you are invited to deeply relax, let go of usual tensions and worries and come to meet yourself - your own body, feelings, the space of your mind.

When we are able to meet ourselves in this way, with kindness and without judgement - something magical happens.

Sometimes clients describe the experience as "a sense of coming home".

We all have remarkable potential for self-healing, although sometimes it might be hard to access it.

A method of body-mind healing that I use invites one to tap into this potential.

When we let go of our various tensions and holdings, both physical and emotional - our bodies actually know exactly what to do!

Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009

I have found that working with the body provides an excellent way of working on the whole of one's being.

Sometimes I use self-reflective exercises and counselling to complement the bodywork. This entirely depends on each person's unique needs and circumstances.


Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009
     To get the full benefit of the work I offer, it is best to commit oneself to a series of sessions.

This works especially well if a person aims to integrate the experience and insights from the sessions with the rest of their lives.

However, there are many benefits to to be had from a one-off session - if you are just visiting the area for example.

On a purely physical level, Shiatsu can be an excellent antidote for sore muscles after a day's walking. And it is fun and enjoyable too!




Being kind to ourselves is a beginning of true healing.









We all want to be happy.

But what is true happiness and how to acheive it?

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