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Shiatsu, Meditation and related links

Sonia Moriceau Sensei, my main Shiatsu teacher. Studied Shiatsu with Wataru Ohashi. One of the most senior students of John Garrie Roshi.

Wataru Ohashi, Sonia Moriceaus main Shiatsu teacher. One of the closest students of Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of Zen Shiatsu.

Bill Palmer, originator of Movement Shiatsu.

Sandra Reeve, a person I received my first Shiatsu from and who inspired me to study it. A senior student of John Garrie Roshi and Sonia Moriceau Sensei.

Lama Shenpen Hookham, spiritual director of the Awakened Heart Sangha, my main Buddhist teacher.

Alan Smith, Senior student of Lama Shenpen, my fellow teacher in training within the Awakened Heart Sangha. Also a Tai Chi teacher.

Trish Bartley, a friend and client; a Buddhist practitioner and a respected Mindfulness teacher

Five and Kathy Cram, my dear friends from the Awakened Heart Sangha. They practice McTimoney chiropractic techinique, Craniosacral Therapy, and Bowen Technique. Five is also teacher in training within the Awakened Heart Sangha.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication. Created by Marshall Rosenberg, NVC is a powerful tool for increasing compassionate communication. This link leads to Locana's (Elizabeth English PhD) page. She is a NVC trainer and Buddhist practitioner that I can highly recommend.

Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology UK; I have found the Process Work an extremely valuable tool for increasing awareness. http://www.rspopuk.com/index.php

Iona Fredenburgh, my close friend who is a brilliant Process Worker.


People, places and organisations you might find of interest

Vesna Panic, my dear friend who built this website for me, and who is anything from a web wizard to a weaver, a singer, a musician, a soupmaker and many other things...

Lara Usherwood, a photographer for this website. Lara is happy to be contacted about her work.

Alternative Therapies directory


Planning to visit Snowdonia?

North Wales Tourist Board

Portmeirion, the famous village designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis

Hafod , two wonderful self-catering cottages in a secluded part of Snowdonia for rent, with the optional rent of the art studio. Run by my friend Noelle Griffiths, an artist and art teacher.

Gardd LLygad y Dydd,three deatched stone cottages, each secluded, hidden and peaceful. Run by my friend and client Els Williams.





Death comes without warning!
It may come today,
Parting me from all that is familiar
And all those I love.

Now is the time to think
Of what heart connections mean.
Now is the time to think
Of what goes beyond birth and death.

Now is the time to discover
And learn to trust
The Openness, Clarity and Sensitivity of my being,
The Indestructible Heart Essence of all beings.

I have today to prepare.
Worldly attachments are useless,
As are anger and delusion.
Now is the time to let them go
And rest relaxed in my own true nature.

What use am I to others
If I am no use to myself?
How can I liberate them
If I cannot liberate myself?

May I and all beings be happy
And have the causes of happiness.

May I and all beings be free from suffering
And the causes of suffering.

May I and all beings have the happiness of complete Awakening
That will never diminish or fail.

Thus may we abide in great equanimity,
Unruffled by attachment and aversion
And with equal love for all beings.

Lama Shenpen




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