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About me


Spomenka  at the Croesor river
 Photo: Lara Usherwood © 2009

I was born and educated in Yugoslavia, where I obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology.

I came to Britain in 1988 to study Shiatsu with Sonia Moriceau Sensei. She studied Shiatsu with the japanese master Wataru Ohashi. Ohashi was a student of the famous Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of Zen Shiatsu.

Sonia was also a meditation teacher, being one of the most senior students of the late Zen master John Garrie Roshi.

After graduating I further studied Shiatsu with Bill Palmer.

In 1988 I also started studying Buddhism and meditation with John Garrie Roshi.

My principal Buddhist teacher is currently Lama Shenpen Hookham of the Awakened Heart Sangha, where I am also a teacher in training.

Study of psychology, Buddhism and meditation greatly influence my work as a Shiatsu practitioner.

My other influences include Process Work and Nonviolent Communication (see links).

I have been extremely fortunate, over the years, to meet many good teachers, and some exceptional ones. I have tried, and am still trying, to put into practice what they taught me.

As well as practising Shiatsu on an individual basis, I also conduct group demonstrations, lectures and workshops.

I live with my partner and our three gorgeous children in a beautiful valley in the heart of Snowdonia.






"Things are not what they appear nor are they otherwise."


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